Angela Carter

There are a lot of duff quotes about bikes out there, some of which are endlessly recycled (no pun intended).

I came across this one whilst doing some stuff about Angela Carter. It’s my new favourite.

 “To ride a bicycle is in itself some protection against superstitious fears, since the bicycle is the product of pure reason applied to motion. Geometry at the service of man! Give me two spheres and a straight line and I will show you how far I can take them. Voltaire himself might have invented the bicycle, since it contributes so much to man’s welfare and nothing at all to his bane. Beneficial to the health, it emits no harmful fumes and permits only the most decorous speeds. How can a bicycle ever be an implement of harm?” 



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  1. I had to google Angela to find out who she was!! She was not covered in my English lit O level, in fact It’s so long ago I can’t remember who exactly was, deffo not Angela though.

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