Alf Books and a sea of jiffy bags

I wasn’t quite prepared for the response – but if you’ve requested a book it should be with you in the next day or so (as long as you’ve paid).

You can leave a comment if you want one – i haven’t approved all the comments because a. I can pull the email address from the comment and b. there would be a 100+ comments on the thread.

If you have spoken to me, and paid, and I’ve given the impression you’re getting a book but it doesn’t arrive, then chase me up. These are the perils of having a day job.

Lastly, thanks for the comments – which have been uniformly positive. And I’m out of stickers. But I still have postcards. I over-ordered slightly on these so everyone is the recipient.

alfl 6
Judith, Alf, PJ, Adrian Bell (publisher). 

8 thoughts on “Alf Books and a sea of jiffy bags

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  1. I enjoyed your Engers talk in Bristol in August? and hoped to hear when the book published. Please can I order a copy. I bought your Corinthian Endeavour book on the day of your talk and thought it a great book.

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