How to buy my books…

I’ve written three books about cycling. You can get them from the usual outlets, both online and in bookshops – although you might have the first two from the bookshop, I doubt they carry them in stock. They are distributed nationally though, via Cordee so can be ordered.

The most recent one, End to End, is published by Little, Brown/Hachette so should be more widely available.

If you’d like a signed copy then contact me on here or other channels and I can arrange.

“A Corinthian Endeavour: The Story of the National Hill Climb Championship”

Image result for a corinthian endeavour

“I Like Alf: 14 Lessons from the Life of Alf Engers”.

Image result for i like alf 14 lessons

End to End: Jones, Paul: 9781408712733: Books

19 thoughts on “How to buy my books…

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  1. hi paul i would like to purchase both books and anything you have on uk time trialists of that era ,I’m in australia and absolute fan of people like beryl burton ,margureite wilson in particular interested in equiptment they used ,crank length gearing etc
    regards bill louca

  2. Good Afternoon Paul,
    I’m struggling to find a copy of the above anywhere. Do you have any left to buy directly?

  3. Just bought End to End and am stoked to read it. Beautifully presented hardback, complete with cheery photo of our intrepid author.

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