Alf: Back in stock

I neglected to update the details, but Alf is back in stock. We shifted about 1100 copies in three months, which was pretty amazing for an independent publisher and a niche, unmarketed book, aside from my slightly haphazard efforts.

I’m now embroiled in the details for my new book which is all about the insane, psychedelic horror and joy of the End to End. I’ve even managed somehow to get a literary agent to represent the book, which was definitely more luck than judgement, and I had the first of I’m sure many flat-out rejections.

Other things I have done: 

I went to Champions’ Night and presented the Bidlake Award to Michael Broadwith, was theatened with legal action by Martyn Roach, ate breakfast with Michael Hutchinson. He said he liked the title. I got drunk and chatted with amazing people like Dan Bigham and Rachael Elliott and Dick Poole and Graham Huck and many many others.


I managed to convince my local bookshop to stock Alf and ACE. They took two, and sold them both in two days, so took four, then sold those, and then when I went back they’d taken to ordering it in from their distributor and were selling them too.

I hurt my neck somehow so haven’t been riding.

I sold my time trial bike.

My mum made a limited run of two pottery mugs with ‘I Like Alf’ on them. I gave one to Alf and it now has pride of place in his house.



5 thoughts on “Alf: Back in stock

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    1. Haha. He was a bit miffed about a bit in the book where Alf said he caught him. Apparently it didn’t happen. Brilliant guy. Had a great chat. Need to catch up with him properly.

  1. Hi Paul,

    Many thanks for your updates. Really glad the book is doing well and back in stock.

    I really enjoyed my first reading of ‘I Like Alf’ and am now back for a second read. (Plus a huge thanks for the signed copy and postcards) It’s actually inspired me to have another go at time trialling 23 years after my last race!! So a big thanks for that and we’ll see how that goes.

    Why have you sold your TT bike?

    Hope your neck is better soon

    Any thoughts on a production run of ‘I Like Alf ‘ mugs?.

    Keep writing and inspiring us all.

    Many thanks and have a great year.


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