Even Less Pressure (please donate)

Part of the narrative of the new book is ‘experiential’, for want of a better phrase. Maybe ‘narcissistic’ is the better phrase I’m for want of. I’m doing the End to End in a couple of mighty chunks in order to get a greater sense of the challenges, but also the topographical and cultural changes across the UK.

The first step is a big stage across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, planned for half-term. It comes in at about 200 miles, give or take. I was quite impressed with this as a projected distance, right up until audax season kicked off and my stravr feed was suddenly alive with the sound of ultra-nutters carving out 300 mile rides across Wales and back, at which point I felt inadequate.

Brev 3
This is what Eleanor did. FML. 

However, I’m doing  it, and because I’m doing it I felt it might be a good opportunity to try and raise some money. And I’m utterly un-ultra-nuttery so it has all the hallmarks of being an absolute catastrophe.

I’m raising money for Off the Record, a group who work to support young people who are struggling with their Mental Health.


They work closely with the NHS and help vulnerable people.


If you’d like to donate that would be brilliant.


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  1. Her boyfriend Liam was home by 11pm in Bristol and he rode back from Chepstow….

    Also, good charity. When you riding it?


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