Riding Fixed

It is all gravel bikes now, trails and bridleways. It is interesting to think that the current waves of interest have their roots in the bike boom of 2005 or thereabouts; it reignited a lay passion in bikes and got people riding, taking that gateway drug which leads to freedom and a lifelong addiction.

I sort of have a gravelly bike, it’s a triban 520 and is a lot of bike for the money. i got it to cope with a monstrous hilly winter commute and it did the job beautifully. Slimy roads are a lot nicer on big tyres and a relaxed frame. I wouldn’t say I use it to go along paths and restricted byways, I’ve always done this on whatever bike I’m on. This includes failand woods on an R5 with tubular bongo wheels, so I apologise to the MTB fraternity for that KOM back in the day.

Anyway, long preamble. I got the fixed wheel out of the cupboard the other day. It needs a bit of work from Argos; the seatpost is seized after my neglect and a lot of very damp winter rides. Some of the threads are very sketchy. But it felt joyous to ride. It is my favourite bike. It makes me feel better about life and cycling. It felt strangely anachronistic to be riding fixed out and about. After the heady craze of a few years ago they seem to have all but lapsed back into the old school again. I’m fine with this. I am no longer affecting old school, I am old school.


4 thoughts on “Riding Fixed

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  1. Brilliant- On a similar theme -just got Argos to respray my 753 Rourke – back looking like the stuck in the dark ages cyclist I am.

  2. Thank you for reinforcing the joys of Fixed – will have to reboot your memoirs of base club antics to remind me just how fit you were a few years ago – Doff of Rollapuluza cap my sir

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