End to End – arriving very soon

The book is out in 27 days time. It’s squeaky bum time, or that’s what I said to the publisher, he said ‘my bum is feeling secure’ so I think we’re ok. It has been out and about in ‘heat-bound’ proof form, people have been reading it, and so far they have liked it.

The common thread people are picking up on is the three-pronged narrative; I sort of saw as it two-pronged but everyone else sees a third thread, the bit in my head I guess. Paul Fournel really liked it, and probably put it best:

“A brilliant book, a triple trip : one on the road, one in History and one into the author’s mind. Cycling is about all that.”

I can’t really fault this because a. it’s Paul Fournel and b. it’s Paul Fournel. He wrote Anquetil Alone, a genuinely brilliant book, but cut his teeth in the french literary cafes of the Oulipo movement with some of the big beasts like Queneau, Calvino and others. So yes, a lovely bit of praise to receive. Similarly, Emily Chappell liked it very much. She said:


Again, will take that. Totally will take that, it’s Emily Chappell FFS. She read my book, she liked my book. (insert hands up in awe emoji).

Max Leonard liked it too, he said;

“Captures so much of what ties us to the land, and the obscure forces that push us all to do inexplicably difficult things.”

Which again, I’ll take, because it’s Max Leonard who wrote Lanterne Rouge which is in my top 5 of best cycling books ever. And he is Mr Isola of Rough Stuff Archive fame and he is a GOOD EGG.

Felicity Cloake also likes the book, it was in a pile she said she ‘enjoyed immensely’, there were six books and she said 4.5 of them were AMAZE and from the replied I deduced that mine was one of the 4.5 and not the 1.5 so I can say with certainty that the mighty food queen loves my book.

So far so good. If you want a signed copy, order it from StorySmith. They did have postcard editions (four highly limited cards) but these went super quick and apparently they’ve had more pre-orders than they did for Barack Obama.

For Northern folk, the amazing Rare Mags will have some special Stockport editions with a set of four postcards and signed bookplates. I think their pre-order link will be up any day now. I think they have about 10 or so of the super limited postcard editions so contact them if you want one.


That’s all the news. So far so good, etc.

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  1. Ordered a signed copy😎😎🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♀️

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