Of late I’ve managed to scrape a few bits and pieces into everyone’s favourite cycling rag, The Comic. Last Sunday I was tasked to do the write-up for the RTTC Classic Series. I think Fraser Snowdon puts these my way because he suspects, rightly, that I’m one of a kind with the testerati and know certain obscure details about the Masonic code. Nonetheless, it was a plum assignment, proper Martha Gellhorn stuff, with some cycling royalty taking part – Alex (not Alec, typo fans) Dowsett, a rider who has variously won National Championships, Grand Tour stages and held the hour record. I was instructed to ring him and see if I could get some quotes. Astonishingly, he answered, and did a 15 minute phone interview. He is a very nice chap. This meant the article ended up in the front pages of this week’s rag, with the race report in the back. It was a very juicy double page spread. I’ll put the full transcript up in a little while.

What’s that? You wrote this? But no byline? Ah well. It’s good work Dad, simple but effective, and Snowdons are great people. Can I eat it now? 

It’s not much, a short article with a neat structure, but I’m thrilled. I’ll write soon about the series of Damascene conversions that led to me a. writing articles for the Comic, and b. writing them whilst wearing only a pair of Rapha Pro Team bib shorts.


Manchester Revolution

I went to see some track cycling with Steve yesterday at Manchester Velodrome. There were numerous very very quick riders in attendance, olympic medallists and so on. A few things stood out – in some of the sprint races, and a strange madison time-trial; the average speed of over two laps worked out at 38 miles per hour. At one point  someone managed a lap at an average speed in excess of 41mph. i think it may have been the final lap of a sprint. i get more than a little excited and nervous when descending at around 40mph. the idea that someone might be able to replicate this kind of speed on the flat is very difficult to comprehend.

highlights including seeing alex dowsett race, he is clearly a rider of some potential. having ridden for trek live-strong he is now signed up for Sky. the match sprint between edgar and maclean was also fairly awe-inspiring. i got to see my first ever derny race. i’ve seen motor pacing before, but never a real live derny in a velodrome. it was a fantastic spectacle.

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