Hardrider Round 2

Tomorrow sees the second in the series, the Gillingham and District Open. They come thick and fast, after this it’s the Severn, then Bath.

I’m optimistic of a good ride, it’s roundabout this point last year that i started speeding up a bit and it’s certainly a course that suits. it starts off on a 1.2 mile climb with a hillclimb prize thrown in. I’ll be trying to grab the prime and yet trying also to ensure i don’t crack and then ruin the rest of the race; the finest of very fine lines. after that there’s a further massive drag before it plummets to the finish about 19 miles later.

i love hilly time trials. they are a real challenge and the constant undulations make the riding much more technical, challenging and interesting. riding in a district series also makes you more aware of the odd and esoteric camaraderie of the cyclists’ universe. anyway, i’m hoping to get some more good points and maybe, if the gods of cycling smile kindly, improve or equal my best placing in a hardrider thus far, the 3rd place i bagged last week and once last year.

beyond all of those lofty ambitions, i’ll be happy if the weather is nothing like last week. i’ve just about recovered after a really lousy training week of sluggishness. yesterday i went out for a training ride, aiming to take in some hills. i bonked spectacularly after about 7 miles and had to eat a banana energy gel just to get home. there is one caveat, i tend to listen to music when out training or commuting, so failed to notice that the mudguard bridge on my raceblade longs¬†(still winning the ‘best mudguard solution for bikes without mudguard eyelets’ competition by a country mile) had slipped down when i washed the bike and was wearing heavily on the tyre. this may have contributed a little bit to my feeling of crapness on the bike.¬†resistance¬†training…

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