Raj Soni, BCDS and Bristol Road Club

Last week, Raj Soni of Bristol Road Club and BCDS died after crashing on Dundry Hill. I didn’t know Raj Soni to speak to, but had seen his name on startsheets. As a member of Bristol Road Club he is a part of the wider fellowship of Bristol cyclists.

At my first ever race, on Burrington Coombe in October 2009, Raj Soni was the fastest junior up the climb. He rode a 9.02, a fantastic time for a 15 year old. He rode with style and conviction. There are some words here.

This morning I went out training, the first attempt at hill climb work. I went over and down Dundry, and stopped for a few moments at the side of the road in silent contemplation. My thoughts are with his family, friends, clubmates, and everyone who knew him.


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