See No Evil

Hillclimb training was interrupted briefly over the weekend by two weddings. It’s really hard to exercise restraint when faced with an array of delectable baked goods, not to mention a cheeseboard. But i had factored this in and it was good to enjoy a brief hiatus and some cornish yarg.

Today i rode to Wells to see Graham and Suzi Douchebag, the Audax King and Queen. They are fresh back from a tour of Northern Europe, taking in Southern Scandinavia, Germany, Denmark and Holland. They are quite partial to epic tours and this is another impressive installment in their randonneur palmarès.

I then rode back over the Mendips. It was murky and grey, in stark contrast to the rest of North Somerset and South Bristol, where the sun shone in defiance of the doom-mongering weathermen. I was disappointed in the lack of waving from my fellow cyclists today, but this was counterbalanced by a chat with two cyclists when i reached Dundry. They were admiring the view over the city. It transpired that they had also just got back from a tour of Northern Europe, taking in the same countries. It made me want to go on a tour.

hard times
it was murky

Later on I went out for a ride in the sunshine with Belle. My ‘town’ steed of choice has been adapted for hillclimb season. So i rode it round town, with tubs and full lightweight set up and fingers crossed.

Good news for cyclists!

The grey murk of the mendips contrasted sharply with the bright and vibrant colours of the amazing See No Evil street art.

see no evil

velasquez meets bacon in the back streets of bristol


A friend, Gavin Strange, is making a film about cycling called Boikzmoind. he’s been making the film for nearly three years and now appears to entering the endgame. the trailer seems like a distant memory but it still makes me smile:

from what i can gather it’s an oblique look at way people ride bikes with a focus on fixed wheel and the various cultural aspects of the current bike boom. he is conducting interviews and managed to find some time to track me down and get my twopence worth.

the premiere is on the 2oth august in bristol. i’m very excited. gav is a supremely talented designer and all round good egg.

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