Yesterday’s come dine with me featured a snake shitting at the dining table. steve and gem told me about it so i watched it on 4od. it was horrific; i’m not sure things can ever be as bad as that. although going back to work after the savagery of chaingang and rollapaluza comes close. my legs felt heavy today, but the commute was enlivened by the fog hanging silently across the tops of the hills. it was the same on the way back, my light (the hope vision, amazing thing) created an eerie beam and cars seemed to be gliding through murky pools, the grey miasma swirling in the half-light.

it’s this bit that i like, the ever-changing atmospherics, the chance to see the weather and the shifts in the seasons. i don’t like feeling tired though and neither am i a fan of the ten minutes it takes to don the winter cycling kit.

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