The Longest Hill In England

I’ve been up north for a few days to do some things regarding a quite exciting writing project. Unfortunately i spent most of the weekend in the car, but i did find some time for a quick ride out into the West Yorkshire hills this morning. I managed to squeeze in a paltry 4200ft of climbing in about 38 miles or so, including Cragg Vale, the longest hill in all of England. It rises nearly a 1000ft in 5 miles. it’s a bit of a blast and definitely my kind of climb. I’m going to go back and tackle it in the summer on the nice bike. I think there’s a hillclimb held there during the season, it might be worth a visit. Today’s ascent took a bit over 21 minutes i think, not slow, but not full gas by a long short. probably about 7/10 on the effort scale. Richard Handley managed a long 15 on there last season, so i’d venture to suggest that i could pull a long 16 out of the bag in race conditions.

It was a beautiful winter morning with barely any traffic to speak of and only a few other hardy souls on bikes. i stopped periodically to take pictures of the icy tundra. and it was very icy. it was great to be on the bike and with the milder temperatures the main roads were safe.



icy pylon

this week i will be trying to get out on the time trial bike in advance of next weekend’s first race. yikes!

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