Wet Weather Racing

I fear i may have angered the rain gods with my slightly assertive heading in the previous post. today i rode a ten mile time trial and it was wet and cold. on the ‘chippenham‘ scale, i’d say it was around a 5 out of 10. It wasn’t long, luckily, nor did it snow and the temperature may have been in double figures. i managed a 21.28, my quickest time of the season, but 40 seconds down on last year. I came 4th, as opposed to 10th, and was much nearer the quick men than a year ago.

today i have offered two schwalbe RX1 ultremo tyres as sacrifices to the rain in the hope that it might be appeased some time soon. the tyres were still in fairly good condition and were only beginning to cut up marginally. i also consider this week’s lost campagnolo chainring bolts (3) as a further votive cast-off.

tomorrow i fear may come to soon for any noticeable changes. In fact, there appears to be a weather warning blanketing much of the UK. this coincides with my participation in the Beacon Roads Little Mountain Time Trial. In light of the scheduled wind and rain i have opted to take the road bike and lots of warm wet weather gear. discretion is the better part of valour, and never have i been less like sean kelly than right now.

typically i’d be relishing the prospect of 39 miles with about 3,500 feet of climbing, but instead i am full of trepidation. i will resolve to enjoy it and ensure my extremities are warm.

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