Riding in a Crosswind

It’s been a hectic weekend. today was an epic day in the saddle – i’ll save the narrative for another post though. Yesterday was the Yeovil 10; it’s an event i’ve done a couple of years running now. I decided to treat the weekend as a training session, the 10 included. The plan was to ride more slowly out of the gate so i don’t blow up in the last 2 miles. it takes a lot of nerve to hold off at the beginning, when you’re feeling fresh, but it’s a good strategy.

It was very windy and there was a threat of squally rain in the air, luckily it held off. The winds were across the road rather than a straight head/tail combination. this meant that speeds in general were down, but not hugely. I was 30 seconds slower than last year. I was also a bit edgy because Andy Legge, the BSCC captain, has been riding like a man possessed this season and his dad made the journey over from Spain to watch him race. I’m not sure he came over solely to watch the Yeovil ten mile time trial on the A303, but you never know. John is a club legend with a number of records still on the books.

Andy was about 20 seconds slower, but still turned in a good time, as did Danny, which meant we took home the team prize. I took 3rd place ahead of Jon Wynn, the first time this has ever happened, he’s super fast and built like a brick outhouse. With the money from the podium placing and the team prize it means i’ve just about covered my costs. However, I didn’t bargain for breaking down on the way home and waiting for the AA, before paying big money out to get a tow home.

I seemed to have broken down in a very long and very straight strange somerset corridor of nothingness. It reminded me of the film ‘Radio On’. I had a lot of time to kill so i took some photos. By a process of deduction I realised it was theĀ Fosse Way, an old Roman Road.

Roman era bus depot
shop last open in roman times
switched to cards with the demise of the sestertius

i got home really late. At one point i contemplated putting the skinsuit back on and riding home, it would have been quicker.

the small matter of a 100 miles

on sunday i am having my second crack at a 100 mile time trial. this is after the first one was cancelled due to fog. the weather looks like it will co-operate, and my form hasn’t vanished over the past three weeks – i managed a 21.37 at the Dursley 10 on the graveyard, second by a minute to Stu Dodd, no shame there. my legs still felt a bit heavy, in truth, but i was only a second off my PB on that course. still, riding a 100 will be a pretty different thing altogether. in my favour, i have at least ridden a 100 miles now – the first day of the tour sorted that one out.

i’m going to aim for a sub 4 hour ride, in one way or another. this means a pacing strategy slightly up on 25mph. i shall aim to go through each ten miles in 23.30, this gives me a bit of time to play with, and if feeling stronger after 60 miles or so i can up it a bit. in order to avoid being stalked by bonkzilla i shall take 4 energy gels, 2 energy bars and 2 big bottles of gloop. there are things i can say for certain, namely that it’s going to hurt and i’m going to be tired afterwards. beyond that, i really don’t know how it’s going to pan out. it’s an experience i guess…

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